To provide an opportunity for our communitys children to learn the game of baseball in a safe and friendly environment.

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All Star Standings

Player Team Count
Jacob Rabb U12 2
Wesley Timmel U11 2


All Star Log

Date Player Team Opponent Count
6/25/2018 Jacob Rabb U12 SF National 2
7/6/2108 Wesley Timmel U11 Novato North 1
7/15/2018 Wesley Timmel U11 Davis 1


TOC Standings

Player Team Count
Dakari McFarland-Sharpe Giants 1
Jacob Rabb Giants 1



Date Player Team Opponent Count
6/14/2018 Jacob Rabb Giants WM Padres 1
6/14/2018 Dakari McFarland-Sharpe Giants WM Padres 1


Playoff Standings

Player Team Count
Cole Chamberlain Major Pirates 1
Jacob Rabb Major Giants 1


Playoff Log

Date Player Team Opponent Count
5/22/2018 Cole Chamberlain Major Pirates Major Giants 1
5/29/2018 Jacob Rabb Major Giants Major Cubs 1