To provide an opportunity for our communitys children to learn the game of baseball in a safe and friendly environment.

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Important - From the City of Novato Re: Lu Sutton School (Pinheiro Field)


With the start of Little League upon us, I would like to review certain rules
and procedures regarding parking, restroom use, and playing areas at Lu
Sutton Child Care (LSCC).

1. According to State Licensing regulations, the restrooms at LSCC may
only be used by children enrolled in the program. The restrooms are not
public restrooms and may not be used by the public under any
circumstances. Please do not ask to use them. Novato Little League will
make arrangements for Porto Potties for public use.

2. LSCC has a designated parking area that is clearly posted for its
parents from 6:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Please do not park in that area
during practice or game times, No exceptions! This policy will be
enforced by the Novato Police Department, and violators will be ticketed.

3. For the safety of the children who attend child care, please follow
these rules:
    a. No warming up or playing catch on the blacktop or grass area
around the playground,
    b. If the grass is wet and the field is closed, you may only use the
blacktop on the back side of the green wall only after 4:30p.m. Child
Care has a contract with the Novato School District for use of the entire
blacktop while we are open. Players must warm up facing away from the
buildings and our children, this also includes all batting practice.

4. Please do not drive up the gated fire access road to drop off
equipment. This is a real safety issue as you can't see the children
playing on the blacktop.

5. Please don't loiter around the child care buildings or leave children
unattended on the playground area. We are not responsible for
the safety of your children. If unattended, we have the right to ask
your child to leave the playground for not following the safety rules.