To provide an opportunity for our communitys children to learn the game of baseball in a safe and friendly environment.

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Tools and supplies for dragging, raking, and chalking the fields can be found in the job boxes and sheds near each field (varies by location). Each manager should have a key that opens their locks.

Pre-Game Field Prep

Home Team:
1.     Drags/rakes field
2.     Waters infield dirt
3.     Chalks foul lines
4.     Raises flag if first game of the day
5.     Need to finish Field Prep 30 minutes before game time so the teams can take infield practice
Post Game Clean-Up

Visiting Team:
1.     Drags/rakes field
2.     Scratches out chalk lines
3.     Empty trash cans in dugouts (disposal service does not come to dugouts)
4.     Takes down flag if last game of the day (if applicable)
Both Teams:
1.     Each team cleans their own dugout and spectator area
2.     Neither manager should leave the field until the Snack Shack is locked up, trash is picked up, and umpires are paid.
3.     If it’s a night game or the last game, managers should also remain at the field until the umpires are picked up by their parents (if they are kid umpires) and walk the Snack Shack workers to the parking lot if the volunteers are alone.