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Hamann Award

At the end of each season, the Novato South Little League selects players to receive the Ed Hamann Sportsmanship Award. The award is based on good sportsmanship, a positive attitude, a willingness to help others, and being a team player. It has been presented to Little League players in Novato since the 1970's.
Ed Hamann (1919-1971) was a long-time Little League and Babe Ruth coach in the 1960's and 1970's in Novato. In addition to coaching, he was also a volunteer firefighter in Novato and a Seabee in World War II. After he passed away in 1971, the Olive field was built in 1972 and named after him. The good sportsmanship award was created soon after that and was also named in his honor. It has been an integral part of Little League every year.
In the Major League, all 12-year olds, 2 coaches per team, and each manager all vote for a 12-year-old Hamann winner not from their own team.  The highest vote getter from each team is recognized, as is the overall winner.
In the Minor League, each manager selects one player from his or her team to be the team nominee, and then the managers meet to vote on the Minor League winner.

NSLL Hamann Award Recipients


Year Majors Minors
2017 Quinn Palmer Brian Yates
2016 Nico Lofrano Nick Madsen
2015 Ben Schiff Zane Marchi
2014 Nico Haralambidis Trevor Dalmon
2013 Justin Abbey Blake Wilson
2012 Anthony Okun Brooke Long
2011 Joseph Elliott & Colby Lamond Alex Regier
2010 Ryan Razavi Max Weisberg
2009 Matthew Lese & Drake Tsou Casey Denton
2008 McCoy Wegner Brennan Baraban
2007  Max McKone Michael Levecque
2006 Tyler Scott Roger Valenzano
2005 Al Geraldi Brian Lese



Previous NALL Hamann Winners (Majors & Minors)

The Novato American Little League (NALL) merged with the Novato South Little League in 2012. Novato South Little League is pleased to share the names of all of the previous NALL Hamann Award Winners as well dating back to 1972 when the Hamann Award was first presented.

2012   Matt Lauchenauer & Hunter Gray
2011   Dawsen Bacho & Cece Trifoso
2010   Sam Leonard & Benji Millar
2009   Marcus Chiu & Conway Darwin
2008   Joey Millar & Zach Wood
2007   Andrew Schleeter & Ben Kern
2006   Vince Correnti & Michael Garcia
2005   Beau Gardner & Eric Levintow
2004   Matt Rhors & Christian Rosco
2003   Cameron Figone & George Nicol
2002   Matt Testa & Kyle Lowrie
2001   Kory Cook & Guy Fairon
2000   Bryan Pourtabib & Max Marengo
1999   Skylar Guasco
1998   Jose Moreno & Eric Letsch
1997   Raphael Rodriquez & Thom Hicks & Greg Daly
1996   Michael Crane & Burch Greene
1995   Jason Searle & Michael McClarren
1994   Matt Stephenson & Natanial Reason
1993   Andrew Elloway
1992   Sheldon Huntington & Stephanie Kendall & Ryan Brackett
1991   Ty Dondelinger & Andrew Shanklin
1990   Bill Barteau & Ila Assharipour
1989   Jay Pecci & Justin Hjort
1988   Nolan Hotchkiss & Greg Torres & Tim Bellefeuille
1987   Matt Bushey & Wes Siebern
1986   Pete Olson & Jeremy Bolan
1985   Brian Metcho & Phillip Baca
1984   Scott Krause & Tom Melillo
1983   Mike Koniaris & Chad Brengle
1982   Sam Hughes & Phil Bartholo
1981   Mike Mastroyannakis
1980   Mark Beyer & Heater Madden
1979   Shawn Loucks
1978   Joe Nunn & Cindy Corrigan
1977   Dave Lambert & Alex Nichelini
1976   Brian Madgett
1975   Derek Marshall
1974   Dan Church
1973   Rick Berthinier
1972   Steve Kohloff