To provide an opportunity for our communitys children to learn the game of baseball in a safe and friendly environment.

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Novato South Little League is run completely by volunteers.

Thank you for doing your part and helping your child's team throughout his or her Little League career!
Volunteer Applications

It is Little League International and Novato South Little League's policy that all individuals working closely with the players complete a volunteer application form annually and comply with a mandatory background check.  Your social security number is requested on the form and necessary for processing the background check.  By signing the volunteer application you are agreeing to the background check process, and will abide by any decision rendered by the Board of Directors of Novato South Little League should a criminal record be reported as a result of the background check.   

Little League International has contracted with LexisNexis® to provide local leagues with a special Internet site that allows members to search a criminal records database of more than 270 million criminal records - instantly.The LexisNexis National Criminal File database contains more than 270 million records including criminal and sex offender registry records covering 50 states and the District of Columbia.Volunteers may receive a copy of their full report by contacting LexisNexis at 866-312-8075.  If a negative record is reported on a volunteer"s background report, they will automatically receive a copy via U.S. Mail.  If a volunteer wants to dispute a criminal record associated with their report, they may call the LexisNexis Consumer Disclosure team at 800-845-6004.   
For each level, there are volunteer responsibilities beyond coaching. Please lend a hand and help your team!

Suggested Team Parent Responsibilities:

1.     Collection of Medical Forms/Hold Harmless, Concussion Form, and Code of Conduct – all must be signed and returned prior to the first practice and stored in the team binder.
2.     Allergies – determine if there are any children on the team with food allergies either mild or severe. There are no peanuts allowed in the dugouts due to food allergies. It is the preference of the league that there are to be no peanuts in the stands either. Please just ask all families to be mindful that there are kids with peanut allergies in the league and openly tossing peanut shells all over the stands is a health risk.
3.     Coordinate the purchase of a banner (Minors, Rookie, TeeBall). Optional.
4.     Act as an information source for the team. Familiarize yourself with the NSLL website. Answer questions as best you can and reach out to your league Commissioner when you need help. All contact information for board members is on the website.
5.     Parent Workshop – promote Positive Coaching Alliance “Parent Talk” workshop. Team with most parent attendees per division wins a pizza party!
6.     Uniforms – help with uniform distribution when uniforms arrive.
7.     Opening Day – assist with corralling the kids and redistributing them after the ceremony.
8.     Picture Day – assist with corralling the kids and form distribution.
9.     Team Party and Coaches’ Gifts – coordinate a collection for purchasing gifts for the manager and coaches at the end of the season in appreciation for their time. Work with your child’s manager on a team party if necessary. Bringing cupcakes to the last game and presenting a card to all of the coaches is a great way to end the season.
Rookie & TeeBall – coordinate a rotating snack schedule for all games. Make notes of food allergies. Team manager is exempt from the snack schedule. Suggest healthy snacks for the end of the game (granola bars, cheese sticks, goldfish crackers, water).
Minors & Majors – coordinate a rotating volunteer schedule for all games and responsibilities.
Team manager is exempt from the volunteer schedule.

Home Team
1.     Field Prep – 1 hour before game time
2.     Scoreboard – 15 minutes before game time
3.     Pitch Count– 15 minutes before game time
Visiting Team
1.     Official Scorebook– 30 minutes before game time
2.     Pitch Count– 15 minutes before game time
3.     Field Clean-Up – remain 30 minutes after game time

Tools and supplies for dragging, raking, and chalking the fields can be found in the job boxes and sheds near each field (varies by location). Each manager should have a key that opens their locks.

Pre-Game Field Prep

Home Team:
1.     Drags/rakes field
2.     Waters infield dirt
3.     Chalks foul lines
4.     Raises flag if first game of the day
5.     Need to finish Field Prep 30 minutes before game time so the teams can take infield practice
Post Game Clean-Up

Visiting Team:
1.     Drags/rakes field
2.     Scratches out chalk lines
3.     Empty trash cans in dugouts (disposal service does not come to dugouts)
4.     Takes down flag if last game of the day (if applicable)
Both Teams:
1.     Each team cleans their own dugout and spectator area
2.     Neither manager should leave the field until the Snack Shack is locked up, trash is picked up, and umpires are paid.
3.     If it’s a night game or the last game, managers should also remain at the field until the umpires are picked up by their parents (if they are kid umpires) and walk the Snack Shack workers to the parking lot if the volunteers are alone.
During Game

Visiting Team

Official Scorekeeper – arrive 30 minutes before game time:
1.     The Official Scorebook is kept in the Snack Shack drawer with the Pitch Count sheets.
2.     Prepare the book with both line-ups.
3.     Official Scorekeeper should put the scorebook back in the drawer at the end of the game.
Pitch Counters – arrive 15 minutes before game time:
1.     Both teams provide Pitch Counters.
2.     Two Pitch Count clipboards, charts, and clickers are in the Snack Shack.
3.     Pitch Counters will verify and agree upon number of pitches after each pitcher and after each half inning and communicate the pitch count to their manager
4.     At the conclusion of the game, Pitch Counters should give the Pitch Count sheet to their manager, load the clipboard with a fresh Pitch Count sheet and put the clipboard, pencil, and clicker back in the drawer.
Visiting team Pitch Counter will act as “Game Director.”
1.     Game Director will act only as a facilitator if there is a disagreement on rules, playing conditions, or any matter that holds up the progress of a game.
2.     If the game director is unable to resolve the disputed issue, contact the NSLL President, Donald Army, at (415) 763-5503.
3.     If unable to reach the President, contact the NSLL VP - Commissioners, Greg Mack, at (415) 819-2234.
4.     Game director should help umpires who are minors to determine if weather conditions make it unsafe to play.
5.     Note:  in any inter-league game at an NSLL field, the home team pitch counter will act as game director.  
Home Team Scoreboard Operator – arrive 15 minutes before game time:
1.     Electronic and manual scoreboards vary by location. If the scoreboard is run by an electronic remote controller, please locate it in the Snack Shack or announcer’s booth.
2.     Use extension cord to plug in controller in the Snack Shack.
3.     Run cord to the Home Team stands or to the announcer’s booth making sure that the cord is as out of the way to avoid tripping hazards.
4.     Turn on scoreboard.
5.     At the conclusion of the game, return the extension cord and controller back to the Snack Shack.
Snack Shack
(Contact: Jim Borjian at

Snack Shack Guidelines:
1.     The Snack Shack is organized on a “block” schedule. Each team manages one concession stand per season for ten consecutive games.
2.     Parents can ask for substitute workers at their own expense - $20 per shift.
3.     There is no free food for workers or guests. The Snack Shack is a major source of revenue for the league and helps defray costs.
4.     Paid umpires receive water and Gatorade during the game. Recommendation is one beverage per game; however, if it is a hot day, we want our umpires to be safe and hydrated, so please replenish their drinks.
5.     Volunteer umpires (unpaid) are welcome to a hot dog meal (dog, chips, soda) at the end of the game.
At the conclusion of the game:
1.     Pay umpires - $20 field umpire, $25 home plate umpire and have them get their receipt signed by a manager.
2.    Please leave the shack better than you found it!